Medical IT Support

Healthcare IT Services for Delivering a
Better Patient Experience

Better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication and collaboration. GEM Technologies offers medical IT support across NYC—specifically geared toward small and medium-sized medical practices—that delivers the uptime and performance you need, plus keeps you compliant with federal HIPAA regulations.

Medical IT Support
by GEM Technologies

Partner with GEM Technologies to solve your healthcare related IT challenges. Whether you need more server space or bandwidth for high-resolution image and video files, data privacy security, managed backup and recovery assistance or access to the latest technology, we’re here to help you help others.

How can GEM Technologies help your practice?

  • Scalable solutions for any size facility or practice
  • Compliance with HIPAA standards
  • Minimized server and network downtime
  • Enhanced security and protection from cyber threats
  • Expertise in overcoming technology challenges
  • Improved mobility and flexibility

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