Application Hosting Services

Application Hosting Services:

Enhanced Access, Flexibility and Cost Savings

Application hosting services let you minimize the high costs of investing and maintaining infrastructure, and maximizes mobility by allowing users access to the applications they use most from virtually anywhere. Let GEM Technologies host Windows or other applications in the cloud so you can run them on a laptop, desktop or mobile device via a secure login.

Hosted Application Services by GEM Technologies

When you choose GEM Technologies as your hosted application provider, we leverage the power of Citrix to deploy your software on a secure cloud platform. Applications are available on demand to as many users as you need, and they’re accessible via desktop and laptop computers, as well as most mobile devices.

Benefits of Application Hosting Services:

  • Apps run on Apple, Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Enhanced data security with backups and redundancy
  • Extended software lifecycles
  • Improved mobility and productivity
  • No on-site infrastructure necessary
  • Reduced costs

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